Energy Processing in Alberta

Energy processing increases the value of raw resources. Upgrading bitumen (oil sands) to Synthetic Crude Oil (SCO) increases its market value. SCO can then be refined into gasoline, diesel and petrochemical products.

Petrochemicals Diversification Program (February 1, 2016)

Processed and refined energy products have additional benefits;

  • diversifying the economy
  • locating high-paying jobs in Alberta
  • expanding Alberta's skilled workforce
  • expanding revenue through property, corporate and personal income taxes
  • offering more products for new and expanded markets
  • securing upgrading and refining in Alberta allows for programs like the Incremental Ethane Extraction Program (IEEP) which reduces green house gas emissions by extracting ethane from the off-gases that result from the processes.

Energy Processing MapPDF icon (progress of hydrocarbons through the value chain)

Hydrocarbon value chainPDF icon (illustrating the fit of upgrading, refining and petrochemical processing in the  chain)

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