​Monthly Statement Process

Financial Services administers the collection of land rental and other related charges for more than 160,000 agreements. To improve and simplify the collection process, Alberta Department of Energy (DOE), with recommendations from Industry has developed the monthly statement process, which replaces individual invoices with a single monthly statement. This process is mandatory for Mineral Agreements as of July 1, 2006.

​See the monthly statement process overview which includes process scope and objectives.


In order to receive Monthly Statements electronically through the Department of Energy's web site, companies must first be on the monthly statement process with the Alberta Department of Energy. A Monthly Statement Contract for the Department of Alberta Environment and Parks must be signed by the appropriate representatives from the Industry Client and DOE.  The client must make a written request to the department, indicating their desire to receive their statements electronically.  Clients must complete an Electronic Transfer System (ETS) Account Set Up/Change Form word icon to receive their statements electronically on the first working day of the month.

  • Statements for Surface First Time Charges

  • Statements for Annual Rental and Manual Charges

  • Activity Information Detail Sheets For Surface F.T.C. and Manual Charges

  • Supplementary Statements

  • Payments - Multiple Cheques

  • Default Notices

  • Sample Timeline PDF icon

  • Electronic Monthly Statements

Documents Relating to Monthly Statements


For further information on the Monthly Statement Process, please call Linda Humeniuk at 780-427-7705.