ETS Manuals

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Land Searches (Searches)

Alberta Mineral Information Data Extracts. 
These files contain all Mineral posting, agreement, unit and restriction, encumbrance and well spacing units information contained on AMI. For documentation on record layouts see the following link.

Geographic Land Information Management and Planning System (GLIMPS) 

For further information on GLIMPS or AMI Data Extracts contact

     Crown Land Data Support / Client Registry central number780-422-1395 (call toll free 310-0000)
Support E-mail:

Monthly Statements. 
The following Monthly Statement Documents will enable Mineral/Surface clients to print/save the monthly statement, change the payment method to auto debit and add additional charges to the automatic withdrawal.

 Preauthorized Debit for charges due at month end. 
In order to set up for preauthorized debit, the agreement must be comleted and sent to DOE Financial Services. The charges can be auto debited as per statement of account or by faxing the information to DOE Financial Services on company letterhead..

NGL-100, APMC 600, APMC-700, APMC Third Party, and APMC Pipeline In-Stream Form Submissions
This Handbook outlines the technical process, business rules and administrative requirements